Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Special Education has a special goal for a secure position

It is easy for someone to say "You should be writing goals down". However there are so many traps that can catch you unaware that will easily dishearten your efforts if you fall into them. Goal setting needs to be structured and you need to know the traps to avoid when that might keep you from being successful in your mission of setting, taking action and finalizing your efforts. Here are some of those traps you want to avoid Don't live out a goal someone has pressured you into. If you feel that you are being forced to achieve a certain goal that isn't a goal that fits withi
n your current Values, Vision and Unique purpose structure. Then it will become increasingly harder for you to achieve that goal. When we try to live out someone else's expectation of us we are subordinating ourselves to them and putting them on a pedestal and ourselves in the dump. What are goals you want to achieve? Your goals must be goals that motivate, excite and inspire you. Not fulfill someone else's idea of what you should be doing. By all means seek counsel but do it with someone who has an unbiased opinion of you. Don't forget to record achievements - Big or Small. Sometimes we get half way through and we feel like we are losing momentum, then we get dishea
rtened and then we give up. Calling it a failure. It is important that you keep a daily/weekly track of your achievements no matter how big or small. It is vital that we are gaining momentum. Don't let life take you on a whirlwind ride and lose focus on your personal goals. This one is a big one I am sure most of you will resonate with. We lead very busy lives in this fast paced world. We can be like butterflies flitting around from one busy chore to the next. It is in these times we must learn to be disciplined and stay focused We are bombarded with distractions however it is important that we find a ritual, or daily routine that keeps us centered when trying to keep you motivated towards your goals. I personally say to myself every day before I get out of bed - Be disciplined. It is my reminder to focus on my life goals - Find what works for you. With a securable criteria in a valid phenomena. you took then check bihar board 10th result, bseb 10th result and also check BISE Rawalpindi Matric Result All the best.